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Why You Need IT Outsourcing More Than Ever in 2016

In order to successfully run a business in today’s high-tech age, a complete understanding of information technology (IT) is vital. Huge quantities of data are being generated in all kinds of businesses and IT outsourcing services have never been more essential in order to make the most of all this information and to keep it secure from cyberattacks. It’s worth thinking about where IT goes from here. The following are the major trends that IT outsourcing services will be monitoring in 2016 and beyond.

The Use of “Contextual Data” Will Increase

Analytics via contextualized data will continue to develop. Attention will be concentrated on the necessity for more precise decision-making which can only be achieved by bringing data that is relevant into appropriate contexts. To put it more simply – the proper source for the proper analysis. The sources of data – device, location, social network, language, influencers – will help organizations to develop more detailed customer insights, and, in turn, more products or services that are personalized.

Telematic data provides an example. By its use, automobile manufacturers can increase the durability of vehicle components by pinpointing potential problems – they are then able to notify drivers well before trouble strikes. This technology will also provide insurers with better data for risk management enabling them to offer drivers more personalized policies based on use. In time, this information revolution could do away with the concept of risk pooling as insurers would be able to underwrite at the level of the individual.

Cybertargets will Increase

The more contextually rich data becomes, the more valuable it is to the underlying business. But, unfortunately, it also becomes more valuable to cybercriminals. The increasing possibilities of cyberattacks will propel innovations and new technologies for managing risk, defending networks, and preventing identity theft. Public clouds will become more and more important with respect to the integration of contextual data and will need to be incorporated into network security planning.

APIs Will Gain in Importance

All types of businesses have already recognized the power of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Through the use of APIs, different systems can access and exchange information and they often serve as “wrappers” around older systems. They will increasingly perform a crucial role in supplying contextual data and will be conducive to a shift away from an in-house IT way of thinking. Instead, there will be an increasing understanding of the advantages of cloud computing, off-site infrastructure, and “as-a-service” options offered by IT outsourcing firms.

The Role of the CIO Will Gain in Importance

The Chief Information Officer will be responsible more than ever for increasing the value of data and its related technology to the company. This executive is uniquely positioned to keep on top of digital business innovations that are relevant to improved decision making. This will lead to the introduction of competitive products in a timely fashion and at scale.

Enterprise Platform Players Will Keep on Consolidating

The recent announcement of a Dell/EMC “mega-merger” shines a light on the consolidation of enterprise infrastructure platforms. This dynamic is being driven by the needs of the market which is seeking more standardized, complete, and agile technologies. This converged infrastructure will make increasing use of the public cloud and will lead to the creation of specific approaches to specific industries. For instance, financial services platforms could merge to develop core banking services.


There is one thing that’s certain with respect to the future of IT – new innovations will appear in 2016 and beyond that the business world has not even thought of. To assist you in staying on top of the ever-changing world of IT and to protect your computer systems, a trusted IT outsourcing firm will be more valuable than ever. Please get in touch with us to see how we can help you.


  • 04/04/2016
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