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Updated to the New Apple iOS? Here are 10 Changes You Need to Know

Apple released iOS 11, its newest version of the mobile operating system powering iPhones and iPads last month. And as is the case every time such a major update happens, countless Apple device users users are facing a decision on whether or not to download it, not knowing what to expect.

The newest iteration has some potentially major changes in stock, depending on how you use your mobile device. So whether you’re already completed the update or are still considering it, here are 10 features that are new to iOS 11 for your consideration.

1) A New Control Center

No matter how you use your mobile device, chances are you regularly want to adjust screen brightness, toggle features like WiFi and Bluetooth, or change device volume. The new control center promises to make all of that just a bit easier, thanks to consolidating all set up and usage options on a singular page.

Potential options in the new control center include anything from your flashlight and a calculator to options that record your screen, change the text size, or access your Apple Wallet. The exact shortcuts you want included are now customized as well, to minimize clutter on your screen.

2) New Document Scanner

Anyone who uses their iPhone or iPad for note taking has known the difficulty of combining your own notes with physical documents. Apple promises to simplify that process, thanks to a new scanning feature within the Notes app.

Simply take a picture of a document from the app, and watch your device do the rest. It straightens the image, removes edges, and edits out glares dynamically. You can then add your own notes to the image, and save it as a PDF for printing and other capabilities.

3) Do Not Disturb Feature

At this point, the dangers of driving with your phone at full capability are well-known. So well, in fact, that Apple has added an option specifically designed to keep you safe in its new iOS 11.

The new feature is a take on its existing Do Not Disturb option from previous operating systems. Now, your iPhone can detect when you’re driving, muting not just your notifications but any incoming phone calls and messages upon confirmation. Anyone who tries to contact you will be notified that you’re not available at the moment.

4) Siri’s Continued Overhaul

With every iOS update, Siri is getting smarter. That will once again happen this year, as the personal assistant app has received yet another overhaul designed to make your life easier.

New voice options designed to make Siri sound more natural are just the tip of the iceberg. In addition, the assistant now syncs across your devices, to better learn your habits and preferences. It can also translate English to and from multiple languages. Finally, a new API kit will allow developers to more easily integrate Siri into their apps.

5) New App Switcher, File Folder, and Dock for iPads

The iPhone may be for play, but most users still use their iPads for productivity tasks. To help them become more efficient, Apple has aligned the user experience of iOS on their tablets to more closely mirror Mac computers.

That new capability is most clearly seen in a dock that functions much like your Mac. A centralized folder finally provides an overive of all of your files and documents. An app switcher helps you more easily toggle between apps, or work in split screen, finally, a dynamic dock helps you access both your most popular and recently used apps with a single click from any screen.

6) New Keyboard and Writing Functions

One of the most easily-seen changes after your update will be a new keyboard, through which you can add symbols and secondary characters without needing to navigate to a separate page. Another change moves keys closer together almost imperceptibly, improving one-handed typing as a result.

7) A Revised App Store

iPhones and iPads are nothing without their apps, and iOS 11 aims to help you find the apps you need more quickly. Games now live in their own, separate tabs, while a new Today section features recently released apps and games that might be relevant or useful to you based on your download and purchase history.

8) Augmented Reality Development Kit

Augmented Reality is taking off, and Apple is paying attention. The updated operating system includes ARKit, a feature designed to help developers more easily design apps and games that dynamically add virtual elements to reality experienced through the camera lens. End users won’t immediately see the effects, but it should lead to more apps blending the virtual and real world in the near future.

9) Revamped Apple Pay System

Apple has long been proud of its mobile payment system, but that pride hasn’t necessarily resulted in usage. That might change with iOS 11, which includes a peer-to-peer payment option within the app. Users can even send payments to each other using iMessage, or using Siri.

10) Indoor Maps

If you ever got lost looking for food in an airport or mall, you will appreciate this feature. Apple is finally following Google’s example of adding indoor maps for its mobile devices. Now, you can comfortably see which of your favorite restaurants are within easy walking distance, or beyond security.

Of course, a number of minor feature and design changes are included in the new Apple iOS as well. The above will probably make the biggest impact on your everyday phone and tablet usage, Forbes.com and Macrumors.com have rounded up a comprehensive list of all changes, which will be updated continually as new bug fixes and minor improvements come to light.

As is the case with every major update, Apple promises major, positive changes in how you use your iPhone or iPad in iOS 11. For more information about the latest news and trends in technology, and improving your connected devices on both a personal and business level, contact us.