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The Importance of Using a Password Manager

Security is becoming more important than ever before in networks, individual websites and devices. Hackers, spamware and spyware are constantly trying to penetrate these items to gain valuable information and disrupt their targets. However, engineers are now building sophisticated password managers to help companies and individuals fight back. These manager solutions provide a number of layers of protection that are extremely difficult to work around for all but the most sophisticated hacker.

User Interface

Password managers now have friendly and more intuitive interfaces than ever before. Users can manage, edit and update these managers to fit their needs. They can be customized for different devices and different passwords. Users can generally insert dozens of websites or software systems into a single password manager. Each one of these will then accrue extremely high level protection from hacking.

Multi-Level Authentication

This is an additional layer of encryption that prevents a hacker from getting through an entire system with only one break-in point. Usually it means that they have to provide an additional form of identification that originates from a different device. The most popular example of this is when you are sent a text message with a code to enter into a website on a laptop computer. That is an additional way to verify that the user is not a hacker.

Some networks also have different passwords to enter different sections with different information. Generally, the board and upper management have access to all of the financial information, bank information, client credit cards and sensitive product designs. Hackers want to steal all of these to use or sell. If they successfully enter a network through a phishing attack (such as a virus that is downloaded as an attachment on an email) on a lower level employee, the multi-level authentication will still prevent the hacker from accessing this information.

Randomized Password

There are some platforms that act add randomization into the passwords and change them on a regular basis. These managers save all of the initial passwords and then change them to long strings of random characters that are extremely difficult to break into.

For example, an 8 character case sensitive password that was completely randomized and includes special characters (like ! and #) has over 457 trillion different combinations. A brute force attack on that one password would take three days for most computers to solve. Of course, if there was an attack lasting that long the system would already block out the intruder.

If the password were not randomized and included standard English words which most of us use to remember these log-ins, the brute force attack is much easier and can take less than a day. That is why randomized passwords that change often are so important.


While many individuals think a solid password is good enough, the password manager solution is truly crucial to keeping users safe. The key is that users that use the manager will not have to remember to change their passwords every few months as the system does it automatically. Studies have shown that changing passwords is one of the best ways to stay safe from hacking and spyware. Not only that, but the randomized password generator makes breaking the codes almost impossible. Finally, the password manager keeps all of the codes in one location so a user does not have to remember dozens of different passwords. They merely have to remember one password to keep all of their data safe.

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