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If running Windows XP SP2, please upgrade!

The bug admission affects all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, and 7).

Need assistance call BWS Technologies @ 358-6305.

This is a pretty nasty attack and for once Microsoft have actually acknowledged and confirmed this is a critical unpatched vulnerability. Incidentally Microsoft also recently retired Windows XP SP2 from the support cycle, and this vulnerability effects that system and they have stated they will not be patching it.

It’s a pretty serious bug and it seems hackers have been maliciously exploiting it in the wild for over a month. The Stuxnet malware has been using this vulnerability to gain access to machines then download further attack files including a root kit.

“In the wild, this vulnerability has been found operating in conjunction with the Stuxnet malware,” Dave Forstrom, a director in Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing group, said in a post Friday to a company blog . Stuxnet is a clan of malware that includes a Trojan horse that downloads further attack code, including a rootkit that hides evidence of the attack.

You can find a temporary workaround in the Microsoft Security Advisory here:


And Microsoft has stated they are working on a patch, but Windows XP SP2 user will not get a patch.

Need assistance call BWS Technologies @ 358-6305.

  • 07/26/2010
  • IT