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Who makes the most reliable laptops?

There’s nothing worse than buying new gear that malfunctions shortly after you purchase it. If you’re in the market for a new laptop, the warranty company SquareTrade released a research paper late last year analyzing failure rates for over 30,000 laptops covered by their warranties. The report is full of good information worth considering before your next big purchase.

The highlights of the study:

Nearly 1 in 3 Laptops fail over 3 years: Looking at the first 3 years of ownership, 31% of laptop owners reported a failure to SquareTrade. Two-thirds of this failure (20.4%) came from hardware malfunctions, and one-third (10.6%) was reported as accidental damage.

Netbooks are a lot more failure prone than laptops: Netbooks are projected to have a 20% higher failure rate from hardware malfunctions than more expensive laptop computers.

ASUS and Toshiba were the most reliable manufacturers: They have fewer than 16% having a hardware malfunction over 3 years. It’s also perhaps a little surprising that a company like Apple, known for its hardware, still ends up a percentage point or two worse off than companies like ASUS and Toshiba when it comes to laptop malfunction rates.

via SquareTrade

  • 04/27/2010
  • IT

The real-world state of Windows

Performance and metrics researcher Devil Mountain Software has released an array of real-world Windows use data as compiled by its exo.performance.network, a community-based monitoring tool that receives real-time data from about 10,000 PCs throughout the world. Tracking users’ specific configurations, as well as the applications they actually use, the tool provides insights into real-world Windows use, including browser share, multicore adoption, service pack adoption, and which anti-virus, productivity, and media software are most prevalent among Windows users.

View the current state of Windows

  • 09/10/2009
  • IT

How Much Is Your Online Identity Worth?

“Answer a few questions about your personal Internet use, and a new tool from Symantec will calculate your net worth on the black market. You’ll get three results: how much your online assets are worth, how much your online identity would sell for on the black market, and your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft. Norton Assessment Tool >

  • 09/10/2009
  • IT

Apple announces updates to iTunes, iPod, & iPhone OS

Steve Jobs returns and receives a standing ovation.

iPhone OS 3.1 Update – Free.

  • Brings “Genius” to apps.

iTunes 9

  • Genius database expanded to include “Genius Mixes”, which automatically plays songs from your library that go together
  • New syncing options: artists, genres, etc. Also for photos and movies. Manage iPhone apps in iTunes: arrange home screens.
  • Home sharing to manage copying of songs, TV shows, apps, etc. to up to 5 computers in your house.
  • Cleaner layout for iTunes Store.
  • iTunes LP: Album packages with tons of bonus material – lyrics, photos, videos, etc.
  • Now showing a demo of iTunes 9.
  • iTunes Extras: Bonus material for movies. Similar to DVD bonus features, but also includes interactive material.

iPod touch

  • price points: $199 for 8 GB, $299 for 32 GB, $399 for 64 GB.
  • 32/64 GB versions faster, with ability run OpenGL|ES 2.0 like the iPhone 3GS.

iPod classic

  • bumped from 120 GB to 160 GB. Same $249 price point.

iPod shuffle

  • New third-party headphones with iPod shuffle controls built-in.
  • Now five colors for the shuffle
  • $59 for 2 GB and $79 for 4 GB.

iPod nanos

  • Video camera
  • External speaker.
  • FM radio
  • Genius Mixes.
  • Built-in pedometer for Nike+
  • Larger display.
  • 8GB for $149, 16GB for $179
  • 09/09/2009
  • IT