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Spam/Phishing Spreads Through Facebook Chat, Events & Messages

Recently, a new wave of spam messages, chat messages, and events requests have been flooding the site, and the volume has only surged in the past few days.

What do we mean by phishing? Most would be familiar with the term but for those who aren’t, I’m referring to fake emails that try to trick people into revealing their log-in details. Internet banking is a common target for this sort of social engineering hacking and versions for Amazon and eBay.

Sometimes spam and phishing attempts give themselves away with dodgy spelling or unprofessional layouts but in this case the emails look exactly like real private messages from Facebook.

If you are Facebook friends with some less techie types, then you might want to warn them. In this case, it appears to be straightforward spam rather than phishing. As many users have also noticed, numerous chat messages and event rsvp request are flooding the site, offering free iPhones. Fortunately Facebook is aggressively filtering many of these pages and alerting users that the pages may be abusive, however that isn’t preventing the scammers from sending them.

We’re assuming that the volume will die down as Facebook steps up its preventative measures, however it’s pretty clear that numerous accounts have been successfully phished and hacked. If you see messages like the ones described, do not respond or click on them as they will only result in the spam attack continuing to spread.

adapted via allfacebook.com