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Profile Spy Steps Up Attack On Facebook Users

Over the past week we alerted users to the return of “profile spy”, a tool that promises to let users see who’s viewing their profile. As we said last week, the tool is FAKE, however it isn’t preventing thousands of users from participating in the scam once again. Rather than using a different strategy than last time, the only thing that the scammers have changed is the URLs. Do not complete this scam, instead share this article and let your friends know of the scam.

As before, here is the message that’s being posted when users complete the scam:

OMG OMG OMG… I can’t believe this actually works! Now you really can see who views your profile!!! WOAH

The scammers have dramatically increased the number of URLs that are part of this widespread attack. These are the latest URLs that we have compiled that are part of the attack:


Profile Spy scam continues to spread, as first pointed out by AVG.