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Power Your Work-at-Home Employees With Remote Desktop (RDP)

At BWS Technologies, we are looking at a global workforce that has been forced by COVID-19’s threat to a new focus on working at home (WAH). This novel virus started in China, and, as of late March 2020, has impacted more than 189 countries and territories. There is no disputing the need for social isolation, and there is a need for public and private workforces to be innovative without decreasing productivity. The new paradigm in 2020 means that businesses seeking to survive the ensuing economic downturn, which could continue for months after the health threat has subsided, must adjust their business models and stay relevant to their consumer bases. We are here as your business partner offering a product that substantially transforms how your employees work from home, especially when they won’t be able to enter the building for weeks or months.

How Your Employees Will Work

With Remote Desktop capabilities, your employees will use a home machine to access their “desktop” at work. They will access the remote server through a Broadband, satellite, or hot-spot connection using their company credentials, which allow them to enter the virtual private network or cloud-hosted network. Your company’s network could be set up with permissions to let workers click anywhere and perform normal tasks like they would if they were in the building, or it could restrict them from using certain systems or performing some tasks at home. Before you turn employees loose on the network, consider what tasks they shouldn’t be doing at home because some systems could be vulnerable to hackers, data breaches, and other compromising actions by employees. These issues you don’t normally worry about when they are in the building because your company has security protocols in place to prevent them.

Powering Work-at-Home Models

Let’s take a look at the present business situation. Your business may have existing servers tied to a virtual private network (VPN) or a cloud-hosted network. There are security software applications on every machine (whether it’s a desktop, laptop, or tablet). Employees know how to use these devices, which are protecting your business and client data in conformance with government regulations. Perhaps, you’ve decided that allowing employees to take these devices home is not the best solution, or you don’t have enough devices to give everyone and it’s hard to prioritize who gets one. Purchasing Remote Desktop (RDP) capabilities is the best way to protect business data while providing employees the capacity to work anywhere. Our solution gives employees the option of maintaining their dignity and economic stability while your company continues to provide products or services to your clientele. That’s how you will keep revenues coming into the company. We offer IndigoGRID RDP, which is multi-factor authenticated and fully secure.. If you implement this kind of solution in your business, you will maintain a high level of security because they will access the same software applications and protected databases they would use in the corporate office.

Considerations for Your Business

Just because you choose to invest in company servers that are hosted on the cloud instead of buying your own machines and hosting them in an expensive data room doesn’t mean that your business will miss out on the economy of scale. As a business owner, choose from public cloud hosting and private cloud hosting providers and manage applications on separate servers if needed. Here are some common problems to consider when buying RDP technology, which means employees access applications remotely:

  • An application goes down. You can set up each software application on a separate server. If one server goes down and employees are connected remotely, the other applications they use will still be available because they are hosted on separate servers.
  • There is slow traffic on the company’s cloud-based network. Employees are trying to make updates to databases and other applications on your network, but they are waiting for their device to “talk to” one or more remote servers.
  • Employees are careless with log-in credentials. You need a system that requires employees to log in to all business applications through the Remote Desktop server and to update their password regularly according to company policy. Employees could leave these passwords lying around at home, which creates the potential for other people in their homes to access your business information systems.

The Benefits of Working with IndigoConnect for Windows RDP

  • You can work with this Remote Desktop anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.
  • You can eliminate the worry of employees opening ransomware as they use a virtual private connection to access Microsoft Office tools.
  • This solution is fast to implement if you purchase the number of licenses needed for WAH employees.
  • You don’t have to invest in multiple improvements to your existing network with our Remote Desktop solution, which would normally include setting up a virtual private network (VPN), instituting multi-factor authentication (MFA), and adding the remote server solution.
  • Your IT personnel can give employees their own level of virtual desktop access within minutes and restrict their access to the right solutions so there will be fewer security issues. You may not want all systems being routinely accessed by employees on their home routers, especially if your business is subject to government regulations in banking or healthcare.
  • It’s easy to get rid of the Windows RD Gateway because our RDP solution has integrated 2-factor authentication.
  • Your IT administrators won’t have to make adjustments to the virtual desktop interface (VDI) or change the configurations of existing firewalls, which are currently protecting your computing systems from hackers.
  • Our system is configured to meet the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s current recommendations for a secure RDP solution.
  • Your company’s computers won’t be vulnerable to BlueKeep or DejaBlue.
  • You won’t keep having to pay for employees to use networking software like GoToMyPC or LogMeIn as they access collaboration tools, which will save money.
  • It will be easy for your IT personnel to evaluate whether hackers have stolen an employee’s log-in credentials.
  • Your company will be able to satisfy PCI / HIPAA compliance rules for all exposed RDP Ports.

For more details about setting up your employees to work at home safely through our IndigoConnect for Windows RDP technology, we hope you will contact us today.