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Photo Printing Kiosks can share malware and viruses

A common place that a lot of people probably do not think getting a virus from is digital photo kiosks. These places are prime distribution points for infections. Think about it, if you were up to no good with some know-how, you could infect the photo kiosk computers then sit back and laugh as literally thousands upon thousands of people walk in and insert their memory cards.

Some Windows-based photo kiosks apparently don’t run antivirus software, so lovely little bits of malicious software like Trojan.Poison-36 are winding up on customers’ USB keys.

What can you do to protect yourself against infection from a dirty public kiosk?

  • Buy a SD Card and use it’s read-only protection switch.
  • Burn your photos to read-only media such as a writable CD or DVD.
  • 07/21/2010
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