The 10 Zoom Web Meeting Safety Tips that You Need to Know

All over the world businesses and professionals are coming together through remote work. It may still be risky to gather in the workplace, but through the availability of high-speed home internet and cloud-based software – we can keep the wheels of commerce rolling. A big part of our global transition to remote teams working from home has been Zoom and other video meeting platforms. Continue Reading

Phishing Schemes and What to Know About Them

What is the first thing we all learn when accessing the internet? From the earliest days of internet communication, you learn that not everyone tells the truth in cyberspace. You can probably rattle a few of the “playground rules” of the internet off the top of your head. Continue Reading

The Changes Happening in the Tech Industry Today

Across the tech industry, dramatic change is taking place. Not only has the coronavirus pandemic disrupted many industries, it has led to faster technological development than ever. Keeping up with the latest changes in the tech industry may prove more difficult than ever before. Continue Reading

  • 07/13/2020
  • IT