Mac vs PC: The Choice is Yours

Several products, subjects, and issues in the world come down to a choice between two competitive entities. In other words, are you a Coca-Cola drinker or a member of The Pepsi Generation? You could be a proud Yankees fan or a loyal Red Sox fan. What about Republican versus Democrat? Ooh, that’s a particularly hot-button one these days. Forget about that for now. How about this one: Mac vs PC? 

Yes, the computer wars are largely divided among two factions: Mac people and PC people. Both swear their loyalties by their choice of OS, and will defend their honor to the cyber death if necessary. Just like with anything else, however, there is still a group of people caught firmly in the middle who don’t really know which one they prefer yet. After all, some people will drink Coke and Pepsi equally, just like some voters are registered as Independent, meaning they have no current political affiliation. If you’re one of these non-committals in the computer wars, not sure of whether a PC or a Mac is the right choice for you, consider the following criteria to perhaps serve as a guiding hand in making your final decision.

  • The Popularity Contest – If you’re one of those who feels like they need to be on the winning team, there’s no question that Windows is the more popular OS making your choice of PC pretty clear. This decision comes down to much more than a mere popularity contest though. It’s also a more convenient choice because software, support, and user camaraderie is much easier to come by with PC. Mac users are much smaller in number than PC people, but what they lack in numbers, they can make up for in enthusiasm.
  • Bill Gates or Steve Jobs – Bill Gates is a master businessman, who has manipulated the marketplace in a virtually perfect manner. However, perhaps no entrepreneur has ever had a more loyal fan base than the late, great Steve Jobs. Apple fanatics speak much more loudly than their PC counterparts, continuously voicing their confidence that their OS, though less popular, is infinitely easier to use, more innovative, and better performing in nearly every way.
  • Compatibility – Electronics are beginning to control almost every aspect of our lives. We have automated almost everything in our lives at this point from our phones to our home security and even the temperature setting in our house. Because technology is so prevalent in our lives today there is a necessity to make sure it can all communicate with each other properly. The lesson to learn here is if you have a Windows phone, tablet, etc., by all means it may make your life a little easier to buy a PC. By contrast, if you have the ever popular iPad, iPhone, AppleTV, etc., you should probably buy a Mac for compatibility reasons alone. In fact, this may be the single most important criteria in considering which desktop, laptop, or both to choose.
  • Cost – We would all love to have the latest and the greatest, the biggest and the best, the prettiest little thing on the electronics store shelf, but it doesn’t always work out that way, does it? Yes, cost can unfortunately be the ultimate deciding factor for many of us. Mac is traditionally the more expensive option here, but the opposing argument for that is that you get an awful lot for your money. The flip side of the coin says that you can buy a very functional and perfectly good PC for just about half the cost of a Mac. However, you will get functional at that price point and not much else. Often times to get a PC of equal performance you’re going to spend about as much as you would on a good Mac anyway.

Certainly the computer wars will continue to rage on. But hopefully, we’ve provided just enough insight to help you make the smartest determination for your computing needs if you were on the fence before reading. Good luck and happy computing!

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  • 07/29/2016
  • IT