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IT Outsourcing Part 2: Network Services that Should be Outsourced

IT outsourcing is commonly used by businesses to automate services that would normally require a costly, in-house employee. Rather than hiring help and adding to the payroll, businesses can use IT outsourcing to accomplish the same results with less money. It provides an easy way to accomplish valuable network services, without requiring a part-time or full-time network IT specialist. Below, you will find many network services that should be outsourced to save your business both time and money.

VPN tunnelConnecting to a VPN

A virtual private network provides additional security to all internet usage within your place of business. A VPN can help protect from intrusions like viruses, malware, spyware and adware. They also secure your network connection and hide your identity from websites visited on the web. This creates anonymity and allows your employees to use the web freely, without being traced. Virtual private networks offer a secure tunnel between two devices, making connections from your business appear as if they are coming from a region of the world of your choosing.

Routers and switches

If you have new routers or switches that need to be configured, IT outsourcing is the absolute best way to ensure this happens timely and cost efficiently. IT network specialists are trained to install these devices and ensure the network is configured properly. IT outsourcers also have wireless network experience and can ensure the Wi-Fi connection is installed, protected and secured with WPA, WPA2 or WEP security.

Web server installation and maintenance

Having a website is very important to a business today. Websites are used as inbound marketing hubs, providing a steady stream of leads for businesses that can provide their services remotely. Websites can even be powerful lead generators for local businesses. If you plan to host your website, your IT outsourcing company can install the web server and provide regular maintenance. They can also secure the server and help protect from intrusion, DDoS attacks and other concerns.

Email server configuration

Email servers are equally important to web servers and are often hosted in-house. IT outsourcing companies can install and configure your email server and provide employees with business email addresses for use online, for contacting customers and for other purposes.

Security auditing, firewall configuration and blocks

It’s very important to audit the entire security infrastructure of your business but most in-house network specialists are unfamiliar with the protocol behind this. An IT business can use advanced practices to find security flaws and fix them without pointing fingures or placing blame. They also configure your firewall and block access to certain network components that could pose a threat. This helps block viruses and spyware and ultimately leads to reduced threats from phishing and intrusions.

Wiring and network racks

Most businesses have network rooms and IT outsourcing can save you thousands of dollars on wiring and installing network racks. For large data rooms, you can have server racks installed and configured for relatively low costs.

Network usage reports

Do you know how much bandwidth your business is consuming and what that bandwidth is being consumed by? IT outsourcing helps you better understand your network and the ways it is being used, by receiving network usage reports.


Should you have any questions on networking and its many components, there’s always an IT expert standing by when you’re working with IT outsourcing companies. We have dozens of employees that are highly trained in every field imaginable. These experts can be communicated with over the phone or through email and they are happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Should you have any questions on IT outsourcing or network services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • 02/01/2016
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