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How To Protect Yourself against Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud haunts every credit card holder. It can strike at any time, and without warning. It can be merely annoying, such as having to call and cancel your stolen card, to the downright catastrophic, such as identity theft. So, it pays to know what the most prevalent types of credit card fraud are, how victims are tricked, and how you can protect yourself.

Six most serious threats

  1. “Card Not Present” Orders
  2. Application Fraud
  3. Account Takeover
  4. Phishing
  5. Skimming

Six protection tips

  1. Don’t Habitually Leave Home With Your Card
  2. Use Virtual Credit Cards
  3. Shred Your Mail
  4. Do Not Submit Credit Card Numbers to Bank Emails
  5. Shop Only at Trusted Merchants
  6. Review Your Billing Statements Periodically

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  • 04/28/2010
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