Four Smarter Ways to Use Your Smartphone For Business

Smartphones are among the technologies revolutionizing businesses. Their increasing sophistication and capabilities allow you to carry out all kinds of meaningful work, at any time of day and from virtually any location.

However, you need to ask yourself if you’re making the best use of your phone. Are there capabilities on your phone that you haven’t considered, and are there apps or features you’ve overlooked?

The following are four smarter ways to use your smartphone for business:

1) Connecting with customers whenever you need to

Strong customer relationships sustain your business and drive its growth. With your smartphone, you should be able to access information about any customer or client at a moment’s notice and connect with them in meaningful ways. An infographic from Forbes shows how “mobile technologies for customer engagement” are a top priority for CEOs.

How can you use your phone to stay connected with customers?

  • Maintain an accurate, updated list of contacts and their phone numbers, emails, and addresses.
  • Communicate with them flexibly, based on the way they prefer to be contacted.
  • Take advantage of CRM software that’s accessible on your phone. Major CRM software providers often offer a mobile app that allows you to access critical information. Quickly look up your history with any client or customer, including their preferences, purchases, and recent communications with your business.
  • Remain prepared for last-minute meetings and chance encounters. For example, if you happen to bump into a current or prospective customer, your phone contains the information you may need to provide them with. Anything you can’t remember, you can quickly look up.
  • Keep your social media presence active and timely. Tweet about the latest developments at your business, quickly reply to customers’ Facebook comments, and post beautiful photos to your company’s Instagram account.

2) Staying punctual

There are a number of ways your smartphone can keep you from showing up late and leaving a bad impression:

  • Alarm clocks and reminders.
  • Maps and GPS capabilities that help you find your way more easily to different meeting sites.
  • Traffic apps and apps for various public transit systems that help you plot out the quickest route, with the fewest delays, on-the-fly.
  • Calendars and appointment apps.

And of course, if you’re running late anyway, you can use your phone to let people know and keep them updated on your progress and estimated arrival time.

3) Coordinating projects

You may be working with a team for any number of reasons: to pull off a major event, complete a project by a certain deadline, plan a major presentation, or brainstorm new ideas for a product or service.

With a smartphone, you and your team can be scattered across different locations and still find effective ways to coordinate your work and stay in-touch:

  • Rely on mobile apps for project management. This software keeps everyone in sync and able to track progress for each individual and the team as a whole.
  • Participate in group meetings with text messages, phone calls, and video conferencing.
  • Don’t wait to ask questions or provide clarification. Smartphones can help keep misunderstandings from developing; any confusions can be addressed quickly.
  • When possible, use a VPN for more secure data transmissions.

4) Staying on top of deadlines

  • If you find this works for you, use apps that promote productivity. Some apps, for example, help you stay focused for certain stretches of time, build to-do lists, and time your activities optimally.
  • You can work last-minute on presentation slides and other files, using (to give two major examples) Microsoft Office 365 or Google’s G Suite apps.
  • Perform secure backups in the cloud, so that you don’t face the terrifying scenario of losing your work at the last minute.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for additional advice on how to turn your smartphone into a powerful tool for your business. With our assistance, you’ll use your phone more effectively and with greater security, giving you an edge over competitors.