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Four Major Advantages of Staff Augmentation with BWS

If there’s one constant that businesses have to wrestle with, it’s rapid change. The demands of quickly developing new products and services are intense. Technological and economic changes make for a business environment where sitting still isn’t ever possible. Opportunities for new projects are regularly cropping up, along with obstacles and challenges you need to confront on short notice.

Thriving and outpacing competitors means you need the best team of employees working for you and furthering your business goals.

One approach businesses take to help their employees through this ever-changing environment is finding effective ways to train them in new skills and assist them with absorbing knowledge.

Another approach that can be taken simultaneously with training your own employees is staff augmentation. You hire outside experts for projects that demand their unique skill set. These professionals can help you attain particular objectives and successfully complete and follow-up on special projects.

What are some advantages of staff augmentation with BWS?

1) You meet highly specific needs

Let’s say you’re designing and building a new website, which will serve as an attractive e-commerce platform for your company. You can hire website specialists just to assist you with that particular project.

The same holds for other specific business needs, such as performing security upgrades on your network or coming up with a new disaster recovery plan. When you hire professionals for the kinds of tasks they’ve specialized in, you’re more likely to benefit from high-quality work.

2) A lack of expertise among your own employees doesn’t have to hold you back

Even if your employees are highly trained, learn quickly, and can adapt to new kinds of projects, they may not have the level of expertise required for completing a specific task and helping you reach a certain goal; it may be impossible or difficult for them to master the skills you need. Augmenting their knowledge and hard work with outside professional assistance will prove advantageous to you.

There doesn’t need to be any friction between your regular employees and the outside experts you’ve hired. They can complement each other and share knowledge; for instance, your regular employees can help the outside experts learn more about your company and its needs.

3) You don’t have to commit to full-time hiring

If you’re working on a short-term project, it usually doesn’t make sense to hire someone full-time. It’s more cost-effective to recruit outside experts for the duration.

Other times, you may not know how long a project will last or whether or not it will even be beneficial in the long-run for your business; maybe you’re just making a trial run on an idea and testing whether it’s viable. In that case, you don’t have to commit to hiring, training, and insuring full-time employees. Staff augmentation also won’t lead to a major upheaval in your organization and how you conduct business; the professionals you hire fit in seamlessly and stay only as long as they’re needed.

4) You’re always ready to tackle change

Even when you have long-term plans for your business, strategies you’ve developed, and projects you’ve lined up, you can never predict with full certainty what changes will come your way.

Staff augmentation gives you a reliable pool of talent to draw on whenever you need it, even at the last minute. This helps you take advantage of business opportunities and stay ahead of competitors. You can complete projects more quickly, and even when there’s an unexpected obstacle that demands specialized skills, you’ll know who to hire.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about how we can help you with staff augmentation. We offer expertise in a variety of IT areas, including cyber security. We can also work with you on website projects. You enjoy the flexibility of deciding which services you need and for how long. With strong IT work, you can more easily thrive and reach your business objectives.

  • 01/09/2017
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