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Five Reasons You Need Staff Augmentation

There are times when your in-house employees aren’t enough. Not because they aren’t good at their jobs. They have strong abilities and a professional work ethic. They’re a pleasure to work with and can learn quickly and collaborate effectively with each other. However, there are some situations where you’ll need outside assistance.

This could be for a project you need to complete within a few months, or for a specific business goal that you plan to reach by the end of the year.

In these scenarios, even if you already have a team of topnotch in-house employees, you may want to rely on staff augmentation. By supplementing your employees’ abilities with contributions from outsourced professionals, you can fill gaps in skills and reach your goals more quickly.

When might you need staff augmentation?

  1. You can’t find the right in-house hire. Especially if you’re operating on short notice, it can be difficult to find the right person for your company. Some areas, such as cyber security, may have skills shortages, hindering your efforts in long-term hiring. With staff augmentation, you can rely on professionals to step in for as long as you need them and for whatever projects they’ll be useful for. Among the advantages this gives you is the ability to perform a more thorough hiring search. You can allow yourself to wait for qualified long-term candidates.
  2. It would take too long to train employees. Effective staff augmentation involves evaluating your employees for their current set of abilities and determining what skills are missing or inadequate. Sometimes, you’ll be able to train your employees in these new skills and bring them up to the level you need for a given project. Other times, training won’t work out, because it’s too time-consuming or expensive. Some skills have a steep learning curve or require years of study or experience to prove useful.
  3. You want to keep relying on in-house employees. Staff augmentation is a supplement, not a replacement, for your current employees. It’s ideal for projects where you want your in-house employees to participate (albeit with outside assistance in certain areas). Staff augmentation isn’t the same as outsourcing an entire project or business function to another company. Your employees still play an important role and work together with the outside professionals you’re bringing in.
  4. You’re offering work on a short-term or otherwise limited basis. Staff augmentation is best suited for specific undertakings. For example, if you need to develop or revamp a website, perform certain upgrades to your IT set-up, or set up a new secure database for a large research project, you won’t necessarily want to hire an in-house employee just for that purpose. It’s usually more cost-effective to turn to outside assistance.
  5. Your business plans are liable to change. Maybe your hiring needs change from month to month, or year to year, depending on the nature of your work or various developments in your company. When it comes to specific projects, you may not know how a given project will turn out – for instance, whether you’ll want to scrap it or see it to its conclusion and launch a follow-up. Deadlines can also vary sharply. For example, a project you thought you had a year to work on is suddenly due in three or four months. Staff augmentation allows you to hire flexibly and on short notice to accommodate changes to your plans and needs.

To discuss how staff augmentation can work best for you, please contact us. We’ll help you evaluate your staffing needs and make the appropriate recommendations. With our assistance, you’ll successfully complete projects and achieve your business objectives.

  • 03/17/2017
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