Facebook Phishing… its back.

Again, a rogue adware installer Facebook apps are trying to get victims, but with a twist this time.

If you click on the bad link, instead of just being taken to the app page, it first takes you to a FAKE login page. But remember that you are already logged into Facebook.

If you are not paying attention, you get phished as well as nailed by the app. Double trouble!

No matter what credentials you put in, you are then taken to the app page, where it asks you to shoot yourself and your friends in the foot by opening your profile…

It is not managing to get far (so far) because FB shut down the first wave pretty quickly, but as of about 3pm EST, it had started up again.

Bottom line is still that if you ever have to install something to watch a video, don’t. DON’T DO IT… NEVER… NEVER!

AND if ever you’re asked to login to Facebook (or anywhere else for that matter), please pay attention to the address bar in the browser, and make sure you’re at the right place.

Be safe out there.

  • 06/02/2010
  • IT