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Facebook Begins Rolling Out New Login Security Features

Facebook is in the process of rolling out some new security features that will protect its users from malicious attacks, spam and phishing scams. Facebook already offers users the ability to be notified when an account was accessed from a computer or device they hadn’t used before. Now, Facebook will also alert users of unusual activity on their accounts and allow users to register their devices with Facebook.

Suspicious Logins

If somebody tries to access your account from the other side of the world, for example, Facebook will now notify you that something is different with your account and add an additional layer of authorization to the log-in process. According to Facebook, these additional verification methods could include asking you to identify a friend in a picture and answering a standard security questions that you previously provided or asking for a your birth date (you did enter your REAL birth date on Facebook, didn’t you?) .

Registered Devices

Users will now also be able to register their computers and other devices they use to access Facebook. Whenever somebody tries to log in from a device you haven’t registered yet, Facebook will prompt them to name the device and send you an email. You can also choose to get SMS alerts as well.

These updates aren’t likely to prevent all phishing scams, though it’s good to see that Facebook is introducing additional security features.

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