Do I need a hardware firewall/router?

YES. YES. YES. If you have an “always on” cable or DSL broadband connection, you need one.

What does a router (hardware) do?
It sits between your modem and your computer or your network. It is hard to hack your computer or a network when it is hidden behind a hardware box.

What is a personal firewall for?
Incoming and outgoing protection. Protecting your computer from intrusion (scanning or attack) by hackers or script kiddies while it is connected to the Internet.

What are my firewall choices?
1) A hardware router with firewall features
2) Stand alone software

What is the best choice?
A hardware router with firewall features (wired or wireless).

I want to install a home or SOHO network, should I use software or a hardware?
Both work. We recommend using a hardware router with firewall features.

Do I need anti-virus and anti-trojan software too?
The answer used to be yes. Some of the newest “anti-virus” programs are actually anti-malware and fight viruses, worms, trojan horses and spyware.

Does any combination of software and hardware provide complete security?
No. Someone somewhere is always creating a new virus, worm, trojan horse, spyware, or another new way to cause you grief. You should use products that are updated on a regular basis by their vendors for protection from “known” attacks.

Does personal firewall software give complete online security?
No. At a minimum, you also need anti-virus and anti-spyware software to provide a reasonable level of security.

What is the “best” combination of Internet security and privacy services, hardware and software?
Layers of defense are the best approach, so you should have hardware firewall and anti-virus/anti-trojan software.

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  • 04/21/2010
  • IT