Dealing With Ransomware

When you’re working at a business, it’s always important to be knowledgeable of the tips and tricks hackers can use to steal your information. Whether they’re setting up a fake website that asks you to enter your social security number, or are sending you an email that appears to be from a coworker, there’s more to protecting your network than simply having the right security. You have to be aware of the ways your information can be stolen as well. With that said, ransomware is one of the most dangerous programs, and should be prevented at all costs.

It’s not particularly difficult to avoid once you have the right tips, but there are serious consequences if you end up getting infected. Aside from your computer being locked down, the hacker demands money as well. If the payment isn’t delivered within a certain amount of time, everything on your hard drive will be wiped out. Even the FBI has advised that if you’re infected, the only way out of it is to pay the ransom, since it locks down and encrypts your hard drive. Fortunately, though, there are several ways to prevent your computer from being infected. Here are some important tips for avoiding ransomware.

#1. Educating Those in the Business

First and foremost, one of the best solutions for preventing ransomware, is to educate your employees on the dangers of it. While you may have knowledge of how the malicious program works, also remember that one careless mistake will affect everyone in the business. For example, what if one of your business computers became infected with ransomware, all because your employees weren’t educated on ways to prevent it? Speaking of which, another reason educating those in your business is essential, is because when the time comes, they can use their knowledge to help other newcomers in the business as well. Overall, educating your employees isn’t just for your benefit, but for the benefit of those you work with too.

#2. Back-Up Your Data

While ransomware can easily be prevented with the right tips, everyone makes careless mistakes now and then. With that said, there may be a time where you slip up, and your computer ends up getting infected. This is why you should back up your data on a regular basis. When you look at the big picture, the main threat behind ransomware isn’t necessarily the fact that your computer’s locked. If anything, the issue is that hackers are holding your information for ransom, and are threatening to delete it if you don’t pay up. However, by keeping you data backed up on a regular basis, the hackers have nothing to threaten you with, and you aren’t giving them control. All in all, while backing up your data doesn’t necessarily prevent ransomware, it’s the perfect contingency plan. When working in the business world, being one step ahead is always essential.

#3. Avoid Suspicious Files and Websites

Another tip for preventing ransomware, is to avoid suspicious looking sites and files. As far as websites are concerned, make sure you have an ad blocker on your browser. Not only will it disable website advertisements, but it will also prevent any pop ups from appearing, especially ones that may be dangerous. As for files, always be smart about what you download, and more importantly, the kinds of emails you open. For example, if you receive an email that appears to be someone you know, contact the supposed sender if you’re suspicious.

Between educating your employees in the business, backing up your data on a regular basis, and avoiding suspicious websites and files, these are some important tips for avoiding ransomware. Though it’s one of the most malicious programs, it’s easily preventable with the proper knowledge and a contingency plan to boot. For more information, contact us today at BWS Technologies.