Cell Phone Users Are Gullible

Cell phone users are making really bad decisions compared to their desktop computing counterparts.

The study’s data is reveals the harsh truth. Cell phone users are three times more likely than users of desktop computers to offer up confidential login details to a phishing site, and they are also quicker to respond to phishing scams.

Rather controversially, Trusteer, the research company, claims iPhone users are the most foolish of all, accessing phishing Websites more than BlackBerry users by a factor of eight. This is especially galling bearing in mind BlackBerry is still a market leader in the US, with 36 percent of the smarphone market in October 2010 compared to the iPhone’s 25 percent. In other words, iPhone users appear to be making extra special efforts to be dumb.

Adapted via Yahoo News

  • 01/10/2011
  • IT