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Apple Announces Release of New iPhones and iPad Products

For years now, fans of Apple products have known that September is the time when new releases are announced. Luckily, this trend is holding true for this year and on September 8th, Apple made several announcements regarding future releases of iPhones and iPads.

Naturally, excitement was already buzzing regarding the releases that were announced in June regarding the newly updated IOS 9, which is also expected out this month. However, after a successful year of selling iPhone 6 models, Apple Watches and a variety of other new Apple products, the company definitely has some living up to do if they are expecting to keep up with the hype from last year.


The newest operating system, which will be called iOS 9, was first introduced in June. A beta version quickly followed in July and the full version is expected to be out any day now. It is expected to be released around the time that Apple releases the new iPhone hardware.

One of the main benefits that is expected from this release is the added ability to learn more about the user. The operating system will now have the ability to learn our habits, which will allow it to make better recommendations in regard to News apps and other functions.

iPhone 6S

One of the most exciting functions that is being added to the iPhone 6S is a function that is already available on the newest Macs and Smartwatch. It is called “Force Touch”. With this function, users are able to receive different reactions based upon how long they touch the phone. For example, while a single touch may cause certain functions to happen, a longer touch will present a completely different set of outcomes.

Along with this, the new phone has been outfitted with a faster processor as well as a new design. There are also new colors that have been included, which works well with the high-resolution camera. The phone is also already integrated with iOS 9.


The demand for iPads is currently lower than it was in years past. However, Apple is looking to change that and is looking to integrate new apps and functions that will make the iPad more valuable. One of the areas that the company is looking to develop is within the medical industry. It is the hope that medical professionals will find great value in the apps and functions that are being considered for future releases.

Currently, there are some improvements made to the iPad versions that are currently out there. For example, the company has created a completely new news app, which is available for both iPhones and iPads. With this news app, users are able to experience a more visibly pleasing layout. The app is more customizable as well.


The already popular SIRI is also getting a complete makeover and will be more integrated in Apple’s devices, especially the new iPhone, Apple TV and the Smartwatch. Now this function will make it easier to control features in the home. For example, users will have the opportunity to automate their home by turning on lights and appliances.

When out of the house, SIRI is also going to be more helpful in the future. The function will have more ability to learn about the surrounding area and to send alerts to the user regarding restaurants and destinations. It is the hopes that with these changes, Apple will now become more competitive with other leaders in the technology industry.

There are plenty of exciting advancements due out this year when it comes to iPhones and iPads. Apple is gearing up for the increased sales and has reportedly ordered 90 million new iPhone 6S units from China. With these orders, fans should have no problem upgrading their phone to the newest and latest model.

  • 09/18/2015
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