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5 Reasons Managed IT Goes Above and Beyond Break-Fix Services

When a company decides to outsource their IT services, there are always a few decisions to make. Whether or not to hire someone local or a larger fully-remote service, how much service your company needs, and how much interaction you’d like with your external IT team. Some companies with very few computers or need for innovation may find that basic emergency break-fix services are sufficient but in the modern age when most companies have a website, app, and software suite, it’s best to go for complete managed IT. How is this different from a break-fix package? Managed IT services take pride in their ability to provide technical support above and beyond the basics, working with companies rather than simply working for them when something goes wrong. Here are the five primary reasons why a high quality managed IT service offers much more than break-fix solutions.

1) Protection vs Damage Control

The term ‘break-fix’ is admirably self-explanatory. It essentially means that when something about your current computer setup breaks, you will have a service to fix it, much like roadside assistance on your car insurance. This may sound like a good deal, especially at the lower prices that these minimal services ask for, but without an interactive IT team, these breaks will continue to occur with no protection from further problems. Managed IT means that there is a team constantly working with your company to detect potential problems and protect you from them, not just temporarily fix problems when they become critical.

2) Forward Planning over Panicked Reactions

When something breaks in your computer system, work is interrupted, clients are inconvenienced, and the company could potentially start losing money until the problem is fixed. This tends to cause a sense of panic, especially if there’s no established plan already in place. Even if you have a break-fix deal with an IT service provider, there is a high likelihood that they won’t prioritize finding a solution as highly as you will. A few hours to fix your problem may seem like no big deal to the break-fix team, but it could mean thousands of dollars and unhappy clients for you. Managed IT teams, on the other hand, do their best to ensure that your company is ready for breaks when they occur and will be ready to implement these plans immediately should some critical error goes off with your software, network, or servers.

3) IT For Growth, Not Status-Quo

As a thriving company, your unique arrangement of servers, computers, and business software may be perfectly configured this year, but that won’t always be true. Your company will grow and your tech infrastructure will need to expand with you, requiring not just more computers, but active improvements to your network and the ability to scale up the number of employees and clients to support. New technologies are also constantly being developed that, if integrated, could drastically improve your business efficiency and performance. Unfortunately, break-fix services don’t include the ability to adapt, innovate, or scale, simply to bring you back to the last status-quo when something fails. Managed IT, on the other hand, is always looking for new ways to improve your tech infrastructure and will keep you at the cutting edge of your industry.

4) Cooperative Partnerships vs Last Minute Patches

Perhaps the biggest difference between break-fix services and managed IT is the drastic variation in how much they are willing to work with you. Break fix services are like insurance and they are betting on the fact that you will pay a subscription to need their services very rarely, then will try to give you the minimum solutions possible for each problem as it arises. Rather than helping you to prevent problems, they are only there to provide last-minute patches to issues that occur and then go right back to leaving you to handle your tech suite by yourself, even if the underlying cause of the break is not actually solved. Managed IT services strive to provide much more than that. Because they are dedicated to helping you all the time, there’s no need to minimize your services. A managed IT team will work with you as partners, just as committed to solving underlying tech problems and improving your tech infrastructure as you are.

5) Control over Your Network

As the final reason why managed IT services strive to go above and beyond the break-fix service model is to give you control over your own network. In many cases, business owners and managers who choose to outsource their IT may not personally have the programming and network administration skills required to provide their own IT, but they do know what they want the system to do. With a managed IT team, you can outline how many people the network needs to serve, who to prioritize, how fast the system needs to be, and what the software suite must accomplish and the managed IT service will do the rest. They will keep your tech infrastructure in ship-shape and check with the company decision-maker when they’d like to make a recommendation. This keeps your fingers on the pulse of your computer system and allows companies to maintain active and effective control over their networks.

BWS Technologies understands how important the IT system is for any modern company and always available to provide a high quality of managed IT services. For more information about the difference between break-fix and managed IT or to schedule a consultation for your company, please contact us today!