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5 Smartphone Security Tips to Keep Your Data Safe

Smartphones are a lot like the Beatles; followed by a few when they first came out, and now people who aren’t familiar with them are met with confusion. Smartphones are how we store contact information, keep our schedules, and settle debates with our friends over whether or not a certain actor was in a movie while we’re out to dinner. Not only that, but for many entrepreneurs, smartphones are how they accept credit card payments, send invoices, and handle business on the go. Continue Reading

  • 03/25/2016
  • IT

The Use of Passwords

Although the real history of computer passwords is shrouded in mystery, like a lot of great inventions we take for granted, the first password was probably used at MIT in the mid 1960s when researchers there built a massive time-shared computer called CTSS. The CTSS system pioneered many of the network things we now take for granted like E-mail, virtual machines, instant messaging and file sharing. Continue Reading

  • 03/14/2016
  • IT