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Passwords Remain the Weakest Link in the “Protection versus User-Friendly” Tech Battles

There is a vast amount of “how-to” information on the internet about creating strong, unique passwords. This information is especially important in the wake of several massive cyber-attacks where millions of passwords, and at least 93,000 websites and entities, including  Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Target, and Adobe, were comprised.  Several post-attack articles listed the twenty most commonly used passwords and implored readers to examine the list.  If their password was among those  listed, they were advised to change it immediately. Continue Reading

Now That Passwords Are Not Enough: Authentication Standards

What do Google, PayPal, Microsoft, Samsung, Lenovo, Visa, Mastercard, Alibaba, Bank of America, American Express, and Dropbox have in common? They are all involved in finding a way to retire passwords in favor of more secure gatekeepers to their information or services. Realizing that as technologically advanced as each is, coming up with a foolproof means of identity authentication is a quest that takes a village, they have joined the Fast  Identity Online Alliance, also known as FIDO. Continue Reading

Smartphone Security A Business Priority in 2016

When we think of smartphone security, we tend to focus on personal aspects. Things like teenagers installing a popular chat service with some added “bonuses,” or older relatives accidentally installing malware because they aren’t as computer savvy as we’d like them to be. However, smartphones and mobile devices have become a bigger and bigger part of the business landscape, as well. Which is why, from 2016 onward, smartphone security isn’t just a personal issue, but one that companies around the world will be investing heavily in. Continue Reading

Data Recovery Should be Your First Priority

Video games teach players a surprising amount of lessons, according to Cracked. Everything from timing, to resource management, to organization, to basic morality and social skills sneaks in under the radar, embedding themselves in a player’s head. However, one of the biggest lessons that generations of players learned is saving progress regularly, and the importance of data recovery. Because when you’ve put hours of work into something, and you’re on the verge of completion, that is when fate will conspire to glitch the system, and make you start all over again. Continue Reading

  • 02/09/2016
  • IT

IT Outsourcing Part 2: Network Services that Should be Outsourced

IT outsourcing is commonly used by businesses to automate services that would normally require a costly, in-house employee. Rather than hiring help and adding to the payroll, businesses can use IT outsourcing to accomplish the same results with less money. It provides an easy way to accomplish valuable network services, without requiring a part-time or full-time network IT specialist. Below, you will find many network services that should be outsourced to save your business both time and money. Continue Reading

  • 02/01/2016
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